Creating a new object and a new time context for its existence


A jewel must always be “al dente”. Inspirational food, homely carbohydrates that satisfy both mind and belly, absurd feasts that, freed from the danger of calories, ironically give way to a formal aesthetic.


Bestowing consistency, imprisoning volume,  defining a shape, starting from a sheet/ leaf. For origami to become a jewel, it encounters a sheet of metal and adapts to the thickness of the sheet and the metal itself, with its peculiarities of form and style. Creative inspiration is challenged by the mechanical and physical limits of metal in creating these fascinating volumetric objects . Fly, glide. The creation of an immaginary flying machine, a plane, but not a simple plane, a conceptual plane, that grew from a piece of paper then transformed into a jewel in precious metal.


Rowing, with its distinctive symbols…. the oar, inseparable from the oarsman or traveller. Through this line, Asad Ventrella, passionate oarsman, pays  personal homage to the ancient Italian sporting tradition.

Tools – the beauty of uselessness

Amid piles of tools, a large, winding drill-end drowning in a drawer of pliers asked, arrogantly, ransom…he wanted to be famous for his form, not for his servile role as useful tool, to raise himself, transform himself into something visible, useLess. The recontextualisation was obvious. What could be more useless than a jewel? Our ugly duckling awakes: from rusty steel to shining silver, from humble workman to precious elite. Thus began a blessed partnership generating innumerable offspring: some fine examples, both bolts and cogs, corkscrews and bands, all sorts of ex-ugly ducklings, happy to have gained the freedom to express their form.

Man on longer makes waythrough the labyrinth-it is the labyrinth that travels across man's body.
by nature the secrets and the reasons (De Rerum Natura, Lucrezio)
Images that must be heard. We merely provide them with form, space and a voice.
Intimate refuge for our secret expectations,silent hope and reassuring omens.
Shapes as the synthesis of impressions, movement that surges from the dream curve.
The splendid wildness of nature tamed by the human hand,intelligence, the art of man and the jewel as synthesis, an ogject of desire.
From jewel to sculpture,desing is expressed through its constant dynamic force.