Man no longer makes his waythrough the labyrinth - it is the labyrinth that travels across man’s body.


The labyrinth is as disturbing yet undisturbed as time, which is perhaps the reason it awakes our consciousness. Its compelling history has produced labyrinths carved in gold, embellished with diamonds and other precious stones,  or hand-embossed silver trays of those long gone master-engravers, unique creations of the spur of that moment. Now, all that remains are fantastic images glimpsed through the work of many great photographers who, for their pure pleasure, created solid bonds with this symbol.


The labyrinth on the body is a compass directing self-discovery, revealing our co-ordinates in its meanderings, our dimensions. A long rich path towards production, culminating in many product lines which are the our hallmark, our symbol, our communicative interface with the world. Several of our lines have starred at international events (Basilea(CH),  Huston(USA), New York(USA), Nizza(FR) and a volume has been published following our labyrinth path .


New directions and new research, when enthusiasm had waned and it seemed that the labyrinth had nothing more to give, Asad, took up the challenge which would mould his own path, completely reinventing the concept of the labyrinth. Avoiding all historical points of reference, he concentrated exclusively on the logic of form and technical rigor. Asad redesigned the paths, reshaping both their philosophy and symbolism. New materials, new technology, a new approach. The LABYRINTH lives on at VENTRELLA.


But Asad’s labyrinths have moved ahead in the VENTRELLA story. Fundamental changes in graphics, new materials and new working techniques have allowed Asad to create perfect pieces, accessible to all. No longer spontaneous, unique pieces, but pieces of pure design. A jewel  that symbolises the awareness that each one of us is a labyrinth, travelling through the labyrinth, our final aim being that of escape, freedom.