Shapes as the synthesis of impressions, movement that surges from the dream curve.

Body  Shapes

Playing with the legs of an immaginary Pi . An emotional pendulum in equilibrium on a wire. Tabernacle, Athanor, the heroic synthesis of feminine principles.

Movement in forms

“Papà fai un po’ di gioielli così”Daddy can you make some jewellery like this?” my son Emilliano asked with a grave expression, presenting me with a few small pieces of paper. I hoped that I could create, inspired by my son’s imagination, as my father and his father before him had done, but hard as I tried, I was unable to make anything of it. I set it aside and decided to put it off til later, but as I was laying down the torn pieces, I realised the idea they hid : the flat sheet’s desire to acquire volume. The paper absorbs the energy of the child that has shaped it, impregnating it with meaning, the metal sheet bends and moves, held by the will of forge or hand


Geometric surfaces superimposed on surprising shapes , alternating sharp spikes with soft curves. As if ina game of meccano, spaces become jewels, sheets of varying metals create a play of light and sheen. This, too, is a challenge in design.


The attraction of mathematical formulae encapsulated in a piece of jewellery. Two lines that flow without ever meeting, like two beings that pull towards each other, their paths never crossing. This is the magic that a mathetmatical formula holds, just like the magic of creating an object from the space and significance of a mathematical symbol. A piece of jewelery that holds the abstract power of mathematical formula.


Imagining new secrets, following new trails and building our own paths, signposting the way for future development, in the hope that we can return along those pathways with renewed joy. Pathway-like forms, the search for motion, enthusiasm and initiative, synthesised in metal.The new pathways unfold, exposing themselves to natural selection.


Clocks cry: stillness is a lie, my dear;
The asteroids turn traitor in the air,
And planets plot with old elliptic cunning;

Clocks cry: stillness is a lie, my dear.

Cryptic stars wind up the atmosphere,
In solar schemes the titled suns go turning;
Clocks cry: stillness is a lie, my dear.

Circling zodiac compels the year.
Intolerant beauty never will be learning.
Clocks cry: stillness is a lie, my dear.
(Proud you halt upon the spiral stair.)


Coloured resins that fill geometricspaces, creating pendants, rings, earrings, cuff-links . constant experimentation in the meeting of metal, colour and form.

Man on longer makes waythrough the labyrinth-it is the labyrinth that travels across man's body.
by nature the secrets and the reasons (De Rerum Natura, Lucrezio)
Images that must be heard. We merely provide them with form, space and a voice.
Intimate refuge for our secret expectations,silent hope and reassuring omens.
Creating a new object and a new time context for its existence.
The splendid wildness of nature tamed by the human hand,intelligence, the art of man and the jewel as synthesis, an ogject of desire.
From jewel to sculpture,desing is expressed through its constant dynamic force.