Living creating.

Designing is the only way

to manage time


Asad Ventrella

Passionate researcher with a fine sense of detail.  Innovative lines, his conceptual approach, a wealth of designs relating to his own life story, these are the mainstays of his creative force. Asad, natural artist, sculptor out of his inner drive, goldsmith by destiny, entrepreneur for fun, explorer of technology by vocation. This is Asad, this is what we see reflected in his jewellery, his creations and his artistic challenges.


As far back as childhood, the laboratory has always been a magic place of alchemy where you can create, experiment, play, make mistakes and start all over again.

A porous place that conserves smells, sensations, memories, a place where you can search for the future, discover the treasures of mind and hand. Where you can seek your fortune and dream of unimaginable success.


In Italy, the name Ventrella is synonymous with the art of jewellery crafting. A dynasty of goldsmiths starting in the early 1800’s and continuing today, through generations rich in history and experience. The founder of the family, Giuseppe Ventrella, was master goldsmith in Naples during the Bourbon period.

“Every living form

See also show-off ”



All jewellery and objects can be personalised through the engraving of a name, a date or a message. This service is included in the cost price and can be carried out instantly.


We will restore the piece of jewellery to its former state, repairing or replacing missing or faulty parts.


Should you wish, we can remodel a piece of jewellery, modernising both its form and style.

Adjusting size

This service is available for rings, bracelets and necklaces


In order to keep the earring firmly in place the pin or clip must fit properly. In models where this is possible, a clip can be fitted.

Ultrasonic cleaning

This deep cleaning removes dirt and restores former brilliance. This cannot be carried out on pearls, coral or emeralds.

Jewelry Rental

You can rent jewels for parties, movies, shows.