Asad Ventrella

Matter it vitalizes

and takes shape below

the stimuli of the man who shapes it

Our strength lies in the techniques we have acquired and our ability to see beyond what came before us.

Ideas, concepts and technologies, often somewhat out of place, come together to render unique creations.

Our approach is to focus on the senses, on the spirit of what we create. We highlight meaning, innovation, the materials we use, the creative path. A message via semantics and senses.

In our concept of work, attention to detail, refined finish and preciousness are the basics, our point of departure on the discovery of new interpretations of the concept of jewellery.

Possibly the greatest sense of satisfaction that a craftsman such as myself can receive is the sincere thanks of a truly content customer, or perhaps to find out that a lady, proud of the piece that she had purchased, was complimented on her striking piece of jewellery by a total stranger.

Maybe this is the result of a combination of kindness, loyalty and friendship that is often created between myself and those who choose to come to me.

Roberto’s hand and mind, rather than the state of the art technology, created jewellery and timepieces of undisputable mastery. A driving desire for perfection in its smallest detail, a need for his personal research to be one with his creations, constant reference to the cultural context that hosts and nourishes every artistic action, that is Roberto’s contribution.

Showroom manager, co-author of several lines, stylist, Luisa graduated from the Academy of fine Art, Naples under the guidance of maestros such as  Gianni Pisani and Enrico Ruotolo. Whilst specialising in Interior Design at the Naba, Milan she encountered some of the most interesting Milanese designers such as Almerigo de Angelis, Denis Santachiara, Giotto Stoppino and Beppe Riboli.

Passionate researcher with a fine sense of detail.  Innovative lines, his conceptual approach, a wealth of designs relating to his own life story, these are the mainstays of his creative force. Asad, natural artist, sculptor out of his inner drive, goldsmith by destiny, entrepreneur for fun, explorer of technology by vocation. This is Asad, this is what we see reflected in his jewellery, his creations and his artistic challenges.